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Summer Kitchen Spice Company

Salt and Vinegar French Fry Seasoning

Salt and Vinegar French Fry Seasoning

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Well what can we say about this SUPER seasoning other than it was the #1 seasoning for three years straight. (Bulk sales, In Stores sales, and of course Internet sales)  Currently running in second to only our Steak and Burger Seasoning, but I'd hate to live on the difference. Only using the finest REAL Vinegar Powder, we blend two kinds of vinegar together to accomplish our unique flavor profile! Adding only Salt, Garlic, and Pepper rounds out this simple yet complex blend.

Try on French Fries (Fresh cut, or give some life to those store bought fries), Homemade potato chips, Popcorn, Fried Potatoes, Vegetables, and how about everything else you use vinegar on!

**One of our favorite quick and tasty side dish's, is Salt and Vinegar baked potato wedges. Simply cut your desired amount of potatoes into wedges, place into a large resealable bag, Pour just enough Olive Oil over the wedges to coat, and add Salt and Vinegar Seasoning (Quantity will be have to be dialed in by your liking). We refrigerate ours for 1-2 hours just to let all the flavors come together. Bake at 350-375 degrees until crisp flipping once to crisp evenly. ENJOY!

4.0 oz Bottle

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