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Summer Kitchen Spice Company

Seafood Seasoning and Boil

Seafood Seasoning and Boil

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Seafood seasonings have a tendency to be repetitious. As I've said many times before we love true Creole Cuisine, that's where the inspiration for Summer Kitchen Seafood Seasoning and Boil began. Unique to say the least!

Celery Salt, Paprika, Mustard Powder, Salt, Black Pepper, Lemon Peel, Cayenne Pepper, Ground Bay Leaves, Cinnamon, and Clove.

I could really write a book of ideas for this one, but my wife tells me that I get to wordy...TRUE! Here's just enough to get those creative juices flowing.

Shrimp, Fish, Clams, Crawl Dads, Crabs, Lobster


3.5 oz Bottle

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